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A family affair

Evans Worldwide is family owned and operated since 1981. With our owners onsite on many jobs and not afraid to get their hands dirty, you are guaranteed to have your job done right. As our motto states, great service begins with great people and real experience. At Evans Worldwide, our employees are our family. With generations of experience behind them, the Evans brothers grew their small business in the 1980's to what Evans Worldwide has become today. President James(Jim) Evans and Secretary Treasurer Tom Evans are the principal owners, and they are involved with every aspect of their company. Along with Jay Evans, Senior Operations Manager, James Evans Jr., Transportation Manager, and Matt Evans, Assistant Manager of Operations, the family's dedication to their craft is evident in everything they do. That in conjunction with top-of-the-line equipment and technology help the Evans stay at the forefront of the corporate warehousing & logistics industry. As we grow, we strive to continue this personal attention to detail, which gives Evans Worldwide the reputation of honest, hardworking professionals.

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